Distinctive and contemporary resin designs

Welcome to EpoxyLush, where creativity knows no bounds!

I’m Felia Zemmouri, the proud sole owner of EpoxyLush, and I invite you to discover a world of stunning bespoke creations in epoxy resin. Elevate your spaces with my exceptional range of epoxy resin flooring, wall panels, splash backs, furniture, worktops, bar tops, and captivating wall art.

With years of experience in the industry, EpoxyLush takes great pride in delivering top-quality epoxy resin systems for countertops, table tops, floors, and all flat solid surfaces. Embrace the artistry and craftsmanship that defines EpoxyLush as I work passionately to transform your surroundings into captivating and truly unique masterpieces.

Experience the essence of innovation and artistry with every project, as I personally ensure that every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection. Let EpoxyLush become your go-to destination for bespoke epoxy resin designs that breathe life into your living spaces.

Wall Art

Customised made to order wall art.


Irrespective of the table’s size, I am dedicated to providing you with high-quality resin designs that exceed expectations.


Experience the epitome of bespoke flooring designs, curated for both residential and commercial properties.

Discover the essence of artistic wall art design at EpoxyLush, a premier destination since 2019. As the proud sole owner, I have completed numerous bespoke projects across the UK, showcasing my expertise in creating exquisite and captivating designs.

From tastefully simple hues to opulent and extravagant styles, EpoxyLush offers a diverse array of designs and effects, transforming your space into a true masterpiece. Embrace your unique preferences with endless decorating possibilities, fuelled by my boundless creativity.

With EpoxyLush, the creative boundaries are limitless. Personalize your epoxy surfaces with exclusive logos, stickers, and photographs seamlessly embedded beneath a protective topcoat. Immerse yourself in the realm of imagination as I bring your vision to life through my exceptional artistry and craftsmanship. Elevate your surroundings with the unmatched allure of EpoxyLush, where each project is a testament to artistic brilliance.


I am continually developing innovative strategies for accomplishing a variety of effects and take immense pride in developing cutting-edge strategies for breath-taking surface transformations. With an array of materials and elements such as mica flakes, glitter, spray paint, gilding, concrete, modelling paste, crystals, stones, reflective glass etc. , I add a touch of enchantment to every project.
For floorings and large existing surfaces, my services include:

  • Thorough surface inspection to lay the groundwork for excellence.
  • Expert removal of any existing top sealer, providing a fresh canvas.
  • Skilful reparation of potential cracks and defects, ensuring lasting durability.
  • Precise priming and meticulous surface preparation for optimal results.
  • Custom mixing of your desired pigments, adding a personal touch to the design.
  • Careful application of the hardening agent and layering epoxy, one step at a time.
  • The finishing touch of applying the topcoat/sealer, ensuring a long-lasting, flawless finish.

My versatile commercial solutions cater to all types of flooring and wall systems, making them ideal for showrooms, hospitality spaces, bars, hotels, warehouses, offices, and more. Beyond that, I also provide luxurious residential solutions for worktops, splash backs, and furniture.

At EpoxyLush, my colour swatch boasts an impressive selection of over 150 different pigments. From standard metallic effects to sophisticated, bold, and vibrant designs, I have something to suit every taste and style. My unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees that your space will transform into an exquisite masterpiece.

Experience the art of surface transformation like never before with EpoxyLush.

Reach out to me today, and together, we’ll bring your vision to life!


“I want to say thank you to EpoxyLush for doing such a fabulous job. Felia was the representative. She was so thorough in explaining everything, answered all our questions, and communicated with us during the entire process. Our garage floor is a piece of art and I wish I had chosen to epoxy my floorings inside too when I did my extension last year ,as the tile grout is already cracking.

So if you are looking for modern high class low maintenance flooring I would suggest you look no further than EpoxyLush. You will not regret the service and the quality work that you WILL receive from her. Thanks again Felia!”

John & Marie

“Felia was the installer and she was great. She is very passionate about her business. She was very informative about the process. You can tell that she enjoys what she does and takes pride in her work. We told her what colours we wanted and let her make the decision on the design. That was the best thing we could have done.

The floor came out gorgeous and exceeded all of our expectations. We will definitely be using her again and referring her to our family and friends. You can’t go wrong with EpoxyLush”


“I couldn’t be more happier with this exquisitely work of wall art. I love walking by it daily and admiring the intricacies you designed and crafted. Thank you so much!”


“Once again, many thanks for the fabulous kitchen and bathroom countertop.
What’s so fascinating about this project is how the same colour reacts differently in each space – neutral, soft and minimalist in the open-plan living area but darker and warmer in the bedroom where the light is totally different! It works as the perfect blank canvas for each room’s colour palette. The colour effects are just phenomenal.

I would definitely recommend. “


“Absolutely wonderful flooring and service. Really recommend. Take such great pleasure from admiring our EpoxyLush flooring every day. It’s really hard wearing and we get so many compliments. It’s both practical and great to look at. Really warm under foot too. Thank you so much Felia! “


“Absolutely love my EpoxyLush countertop, it totally transformed my kitchen. Definitely a 5 star from me 🙂 Thanks.”


“I’m absolutely in love with this geode inspired coffee table! It’s truly a work of art and one of a kind piece that adds a unique touch to my living room. The level of attention to detail is truly amazing, and the black, grey, pearl shades radiate a remarkable shine and beauty. Thank you immensely!”